Friday, July 27, 2007


Usually, I have no respect for stuntaz. But check out this guy on the sportbike. I can't even imagine how many times he had to have crashed in order to build up this kind of coordination.
Having just bought a folding bike a few weeks ago, I've been surfing around over at Very cool forum.

A guy got a BikeFriday, which is a high-end folding bike. Here's a youtube video of a guy folding it. Five seconds is a long time, to fold a bike...

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Current Bike

I just talked about my folding bike, which should be coming July 11.

Here's my old Schwinn Searcher. (old meaning 1997 vintage) I've ridden this thing quite a lot, but hardly ever for fun, just practical things. Recently, I've started biking again to try to get into some kind of shape. (aside from round) 21 speed, 27.5" wheels, sexy curvy black frame.

I tuned it up yesterday, pumped up the tires, which only had 27 psi in them. (they should have at least 50) Cleaned the chain, and mounted a trip computer. I hit 27.8 mph downhill in a forest preserve the other day. Almost wound up flying into the woods at 20 mph once too. You see, it has road tires, and it doesn't corner that well on pea gravel at 20+ mph. Kate's biking too. Getting a little frustrated that she can't keep up. To be fair, she's got a mountain bike, and those silly knobby tires only allow one to go about 25 mph, no matter how hard one pedals.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

I just bought a folding bicycle

For those who remember my "phases", I had a folding bike phase before. I bought a couple of cheap folders. One was a nicer aluminum 5 speed with 20" wheels. The other was for Kate, it was a 16" 3 speed, a cheapy. The seats wouldn't go high enough to get any leverage on the pedals, so I sold them back on ebay.
This one is a name brand, with the smaller wheels for easier carrying onto public transit.

I also signed up for a bicycle forum: Lots of good info there, as on other fora I belong to.

Kate is in a fitness phase, she wants to lose that extra 50 lbs. She's lost about 10-12 so far over the last month. Along that line of thinking, we threw our (clunky non-folding) mountain bikes in the trunk of our old Civic and went to the local forest preserve. We rode for about an hour in the 87° heat. Quite fun, but loading & unloading those bikes will get old in a hurry. The Curve D3 should be here Wednesday or Thursday.

In other news, Aero PA motorcycle shop doesn't seem to be in any hurry to get my god-damned scooter fixed and back in my hands. I have a feeling they will blow a whole summer of scooting for me. Shitbag!