Saturday, February 6, 2010

Final Blog update

Well fellas, I crashed my KLR Nov. 22, 2009. It was my fault. Went into a turn too fast. Leaned over to try to make it. Scraped pegs. Wasn't making it still. Leaned over further. Lifted the rear wheel off the ground. Low-sided, and caught the toe of my right foot on the ground. It twisted my leg and broke it in three places; spiral fracture.

Then, I went for a nice flight into the woods. My buddies took good care of me. Called my wife and the ambulance.

It has been a pretty bad couple of months since then. Two more weeks and I can start putting weight on it again. I've been on crutches ever since. (it will have been three months) I now have a metal plate that goes from my ankle to just below my knee.

This was a right turn. I'm damned lucky there was not an oncoming vehicle, or it would have been lights-out for me.

We haven't had kids yet, so I think I'll hang up my gloves, fix and sell the bikes, and maybe consider a Miata some day when we can afford it. I left the door open to resume riding when our kids are grown.

Have fun everyone, and try to keep the rubber side down. It seems to be more fun that way. ;)



  1. Jeremy,

    From what I have read and your input..I have decided to keep my Vino a lot longer and delay my interest in purchasing a 2010 Honda NT700V Deauville. My Vino is still my first and only two wheeler and continues to be a joy to ride in the slow lane. For all its worth - your input help me decide to keep my interest on staying with a smaller commuter.

    I have been an avid road cyclist for 15 years and keeping the rubber down on a 17 pound road bike traveling 45mph downhill can be you know dangerous.

    Good wishes to you and a new beginning for a family..and God speed on the healing process.


  2. Thanks Phil. 125-150cc scooters are so very useful. If I manage to ride again before middle age, it will probably be another 125-150 class scooter, for commuting.

  3. Jeremy,

    sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you are back on your feet asap.

  4. Didn't know how to contact you other than by posting a comment on one of your posts. Just wanted to know whether you saw my response to your query regarding the S90 (I had to post a comment underneath your comment on my blog).
    Cheers, Rob.

  5. I am really sorry to hear about your crash. I do hope the fall has not put you off riding bikes... I own a 2005 KLR650 with 86000 km on the clock and yes it burns oil. I have to top it up every second day and finish a 5litre can in 2 months. I was looking at the 685 kit for the same reasons... it stops the oil burning... Now I am not so sure. Seems I will have to do some more research. Get well soon.

  6. Hi koBus. I wouldn't say it has put ME off riding. However, it has sure put my wife off me riding. She says it is not fair for me to ride and her to have to worry if she is going to be a widow whenever I leave. I also have to admit I could have easily been killed or paralyzed in this accident. It was very painful too, laying there with my leg destroyed.

    As for the 685cc kit, go for it. I wrote the pictorial install for Schnitz, which should make it pretty easy. You will be glad you did it. It is a shame I got the bike running right, then proceeded to crash it only weeks later.