Friday, March 30, 2012

A Change of the blog's subject

I've sworn off motorcycling for the time being, since the crash in Nov. 2009.

So I think I'm going to re-focus the blog on cycling.

What has happened in the past couple years? I sold the motorcycles and used the proceeds to buy a nice bicycle, a Specialized TriCross Sport in 2010. This is the long range bike that can also take a knock or two without breaking on me.

I also picked up an urban bike, a Gary Fisher Simple City 3-spd, which was stolen from the train station near where I work. I miss that bike, so I recently replaced it with a Schwinn Coffee 3-spd. I now use this for the home-end of my multi-mode commute. 1.8 miles each way. Not a huge distance, but enough to get some exercise and fresh air.

More on these bikes, including photos in the future. Posting pictures with this blog software and getting them to appear at the right place in the post has been a real pain. I'm going to try the new interface pretty soon. I hope it works with Chrome from a Mac...

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